This Cat Was Thirsty, But He Is Too Lazy To Get Up. So He Came Up With THIS Bright Idea! LOL!!

Lazy cats, lazy cats everywhere! This cat in the video defines the term lazy perfectly. She probably was the one who invented the word lazy! She has life all figured out for her and now all she needs is servants that will fan and feed her.

This cat is so lazy that she doesn’t even consider getting up to drink water. She has successfully invented a new way of drinking from a bowl that will make you laugh nonstop! She brilliantly came up with a genius idea to use her paws to quench her thirst, while remaining lazy!

The funniest thing about this video is it starts with the cat looking directly at the camera like she’s saying, “Yeah, I’m lazy. So what?” The look on her face is hilarious. And then she daintily dips her paw in the water and licks her paw like she’s such a lady. LOL! It’s so funny! She acts like she is some sort of queen of Egypt. Maybe she was in a past life.

I wonder how she came to realize she could drink water this way and never have to actually stand up. She’s not fat, so she must not be that lazy, but when it comes to drinking water, standing by the bowl and putting her head down seems like it might be just too much trouble for her. This is so funny to watch.

Watch this funny clip by clicking the video below! Let us know if you have a similar pet in the comments!

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