Cat was thought “lost forever” after burglary returns one year later

We live in a world that tends to embrace youth over experience. The workforce look for young people and older people are overlooked.

The video is about a cat named Pussan, who lives in a shelter in Sweden. He’s an older cat, around nine years old. It’s a sad fact that most people tend to prefer adopting kittens or cats that are between a year to four years old or so. That’s not fair to cats like Pussan, who have a lot of love to give and deserve a home to live out the rest of their lives in. Then something happened, a burglar broke into the shelter…

Pussan escaped from the shelter after someone broke in, probably through the same window that the burglar used. The people at the shelter were heartbroken. He was such a sweet fellow. They did everything that they could, sending out flyers, sending out word-of-mouth requests. Nothing. Then one day, they heard about an older man feeding a cat several kilometers away. It was Pussan! He was brought back to the shelter.

The main goal of the shelter, much as they love him, is to get him to a forever home. Pussan deserves to be with a family that loves him. Hopefully, that will happen soon. Hopefully, his prior escape hasn’t scared off anyone who would be thinking about adopting him. I could see someone being worried that he might scamper off if a window was opened. I think that if he felt truly loved, that wouldn’t happen, though.

Would you adopt Pussan?