This Cat Is Totally Fascinated By The Birds on TV And Can’t Stop Looking At Them

Cats can be pretty easy animals to distract. That being said, despite their ability to become distracted, when they’re focused on something, they’re REALLY focused! It’s amazing how dialed in they can be when they’re after a toy they really love, a food they really want, or an animal they wish they could pounce on.

When this fluffy kitty, Jeremy, was introduced to some videos uploaded especially for cats online, he developed a sudden interest in television! He usually ignores the shows that his family chooses to watch, but these videos knew exactly how to capture Jeremy’s attention. They’re pretty genius, if you ask me!

The video that really sparks the most interest is of a gathering of birds, munching away at some food on the ground. They look so big on screen, there’s no doubt Jeremy thinks they might be real and just a little too high for him to reach! If he could, he’d likely begin chasing after them to show them who’s boss. Instead, he sits patiently, watching their every move with curious eyes.

Look how intrigued this kitty is by the video clip! It’s amazing how well you can keep a cat occupied by showing them something like this. Did you ever realize there were videos designed to keep cats entertained? What an incredible idea! It certainly seems to work. Just look at that concentration!

Watch what Jeremy does when the person behind the camera starts blocking his view. It’s like he’s trying to see around them and tell them to get out of the way so he can keep watching! What an adorable feline. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section down below. Then, share this video with your family, friends, and fellow cat lovers. Be sure to ask them if they’ve ever done this for a cat before!