A cat tries his best to wake up a sleepy dog. But check out what happens next!

When I switched my pet-game from dogs to cats, I noticed a few differences. I’d been a dog-person all my life and had grown up to be quite a fan of them. For starters, there are quite a lot of different breeds to choose from. Each one with its unique set of features that made them one-of-a-kind. It was like picking from a buffet if you will. You can pick the dog that best suits your lifestyle.

I started out with a Labrador. These dogs are all about adventure and he was the perfect dog for us. I went with my dad camping in those days, we still do. And our dog Blackie went with on every one of those trips. He was very good at fetching and retrieving. My dad was an avid hunter and for him, our dog was his perfect companion.

After Blackie passed, we wanted to get a dog who would be more suited to keep my mother company. We went to a shelter in Phoenix and came back with a Terrier mix. He was a senior and had been rescued from an abusive household. It took the dog (who we named Pops) a few months to come out of his shell. He was very playful and followed my mother everywhere she went.

He would get anxious if he ever found himself without my mother. My mother had been the one who had taken him to the vet the very first time. He cut a haircut and all his vaccinations. My mother had also gotten him a nice ID plate with his name and a cute collar. My mother walked the dog around the block every day and even took him to the park once a week.

When I changed to cats I noticed a few differences. The most obvious one for me was that cats are very heavy sleepers compared to most dogs. My first cat was given to me as a kitten. Kittens just as puppies, sleep a lot during the day. It got so silent at home that is was almost as not having any cats at all. When they grow up, they sleep a little less, but it is still a lot of sleep.

This doesn’t mean that dogs don’t sleep during the day. They do, and as you will see in the following video, it is close to impossible to wake them up once they do. A cat is trying to wake his friend the dog up, but his efforts are not proving successful. He tries all the possible approaches but is failing miserably. After a few tries, the funniest thing happens. Check it out!