Now We Know What Cats Think When They See Their Reflection in the Mirror!

In their new line of commercials, Friskies has hit the nail on the head with their “Dear Kitten,” ad clips. In the hilarious series, one cat tells his story of what it was like when he saw his reflection in front of the mirror. Before we spoil it, watch the clip!

At first the affair with the other cat in the mirror is pleasant. But after a while, he gets irritated by the fact that the other cat (reflection) is copying his every move. Finally he decides to tell him to stop it and sure enough the other cat says the exact same thing!

The philosophical questions in the end were a very nice touch to close the ad with the hilarious question about the disappearing poops in the litter box. Let us know your thoughts about Friskies’s commercial below and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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