Cat vs Drone! Who Wins?

Spoiler Alert: Cat wins of course! (Sort of!) This is too funny! Meet Smitty the cat, a gorgeous and very curious kitty if there ever was one. In this video, Smitty hops up on his daddy’s desk and discover’s something new. He finds an offline hobby drone just sitting there.

“What is that thing?” he asks? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s got wings. It sorta looks like a bird. Maybe it’s a bird!! I don’t know… Hmm.” And Smitty, being the curious cat he is continues to investigate. “I have to find out what this thing is”, he thinks!

So Smitty cautiously probes the little toy drone…. He looks t it carefully from all angles. He sniffs it. Hmm. Doesn’t smell like a bird! Then he begins to paw it. Hmmmm. It doesn’t FEEL like bird either. What is that thing??! Why won’t it wake up and play with me!? LOL

Then Smitty figures, “Maybe I should give it a good swat. That will do the trick! Maybe that will wake up that bird-toy thing.”

So inquisitive Smitty gives the little little toy drone a good SMACK! But something happens that Smitty never expected. LOL Just watch what happens.