Cat Vs. Toy Drone, Who Wins The Battle?

This is definitely a unique take on making sure your pet gets exercise. When the human parent got his Tiny Whoop drone, he was excited to try it out. Little did he know that he had the perfect companion to help him test out his new toy.

This video shows us the POV of the drone as it flies high and low throughout the house, being attacked at times by Leopold the cat. I have to say, I expected the drone to be shattered into pieces after each attack but surprisingly, the drone manages to stay intact for yet another flight. I wonder if this is because Leopold is actually very gentle when engaging in pounce tactics against the drone or is the drone that hardy against falls.

Made of plastic, the spinning blades could proves to be a hazard against the kitty, but I’m sure the owner knows what he’s doing. But guys – definitely don’t try this at home. It could be dangerous for your pet.

I was really intrigued by this video because it offers a very different POV, it’s almost like a bird movements in flight captured for us to see. I do have to say, seeing the human in the video with his VR glasses made me tempted to try one on as well to see what it feels like. What did you think of this video? Have you done strange stuff with your drones? Any ideas? Write in and let us know in the comments section below!

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