Her Cat Waited 10 Days For The Dog To Come Home. When He Walks In? OMG!

Dogs and cats. I seriously thought they could never get along. All those episodes from Tom and Jerry where Spike chased Tom for his life verified my theory. But the internet has a way of proving you wrong. All these painstakingly adorable videos about dogs and cats playing together? Nothing can beat those!

This video below features two friends, Bow-Z the dog and Jasper the cat. When Bow-Z returned home after 10 long days, Jasper does the cutest thing ever! This is amazing. I can’t say I have seen anything like it before! Aww the poor kitty missed his furry friend while he was away.

I’m so glad this pet owner took the time to record their reunion. She must have anticipated how the cat would react. Bow-Z doesn’t look quite as enthusiastic about seeing the cat, but he’s patient and lets the cat hug him for a long time. Wait, yes, that’s right. I said hug.

When Bow-Z enters the house, the cat immediately jumps up to give Bow-Z a hug. He puts his paws around his neck, just like a human would. It is the sweetest thing ever. Bow-Z just calmly wags his tail, not paying much attention to the cat, but he seems to appreciate the hugs.

Bow-Z tries to make his escape at one point, still wagging his tail, but the cat follows him and hangs on. This cat really missed his canine friend and is sure glad he’s back home. So sweet.

Enjoy the video down below! Have you seen a cat react this way before? Let us know in the comments!

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