This Cat Waited Several Days For The Family Dog To Come Home. When He Walks In? Wow!

There seems to be a serious misconception with our animals. A lot of people seem to have the idea that cats and dogs do not like each other. While it might be true that some dogs and cats do not get along the two species as a whole do not have a particular inclination to like or dislike one another based on just their species alone, that is simply a myth.

I think it’s because we have always been told or watched different cartoons saying that dogs and cats don’t like each other that we always seemed to believe it. I mean I actually remember when we brought a kitten home and being shocked when my dog didn’t just devour it on sight. My dog did the exact opposite actually, they went over and very gently sniffed and licked the kitten, they were friends from that moment on.

That is what we see in this featured video as well. This family has a pet dog that went away for ten days, the dog Bow-Z, which apparently left a huge void for their other furry friend. The family also has a cat named Jasper, and until Bow-Z was gone they never realized just how close the two were until they saw the sweetest reunion between the two.

When Bow-Z came home Jasper all but runs over to him and literally throws himself onto Bow-Z in what appears to be a massive hug. The two remain that way for a several seconds just seeming to enjoy being in each other’s company again. Jasper seems to have difficulty letting his friend go and literally follows Bow-Z from the room.

These two friends show that no matter your size or shape as long as you’re able to love there are no limits to the many friendships you can have.

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