This Cat Waited Ten Days For His Dog Friend To Come Home

The ages old battle between cats and dogs is both mysterious and highly entertaining. I, like almost everybody else, have always believed that these two animals can’t ever possibly get along. I mean, if it’s such an old belief, and we’ve all seen dogs and cats chase one another, why wouldn’t we believe it? But this video has arrived to challenge that old and useless belief for one last time. If this clip doesn’t convince you that dogs and cats can be best friends, like it did for me, well, I don’t know what will!

This video features two animal buddies, Bow Z, a dog, and Jasper the cat. The dog friend returned home after a very long time of ten days away from home, and the whole family obviously missed him quite badly, as anyone would when their furry friend had been gone a long time. These animal best friends have had a very strong bond for a very long time, and they couldn’t stand being away from each other.

What the cat does to welcome home his friend will leave you in tears. The cat hugs the dog, just like a human would, and won’t let go, and the dog seems happy to see his friend again. He has obviously missed his canine friend badly and doesn’t ever want to be without him again. I have never seen such an amazing display of animal friendship!

Watch this adorable video for yourself right down below, I’m sure it will brighten you up in an instant.

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