“So Sweet! This Cat Talks His Doggie Best Friend For A Walk Every Day!”

Walking the dog is something most dog owners do! Dogs like to go for walks and sometimes an owner can find this more of a chore then a joy to do. So imagine if this household duty could be performed by someone else, say the household cat?

That’s right as the video demonstrates apparently there is a cat out there who does indeed walk the dog. This video was put out by cable news source CNN as part of their distraction segments. In it we see the dutiful little cat holding onto the leash while guiding the dog along.

Seriously, the kitty is guiding the dog and the dog loves his new walking companion . The cat is leading the dog up a flight upstairs. It’s obvious that they share a good solid relationship otherwise this wouldn’t work out too well!

So, watch this short video of an unlikely source giving a dog his daily walk then tell us what you thought of it by leaving your comments below. https://youtu.be/BcTgabIixTY