This Cat Will Do Just About Anything To Steal Some Of His Favorite Treats

Cats can be devilishly clever. And don’t let their frequent expressions of indifference fool you. When a cat wants something, it becomes determination incarnate and will stop at nothing to get what it’s after. A cat will even risk being less than graceful and making a fool of itself; that’s a big deal, if you’re a cat!

Growler is a svelte, elegant black cat that lives in Luton, England. He really, really loves “Dreamies” cat treats. He lives for these things. When his human parents give him a few, it’s the highlight of his day. But why rely on the humans? They’re so stingy with those amazingly delectable Dreamies. So Growler decided to hunt down some Dreamies himself, although we might call this theft. First the easy part: jumping up on the kitchen counter. Next, he got on his hind paws and stretched up all the way, scratching at the cabinet doors. No luck there. For a few seconds he pauses, but Mr. Growler hasn’t given up just yet. In a flash of brilliance, he hooks a paw around the cabinet door. This works a little too well. When it opens, the cabinet door takes Growler with it, leaving him dangling high above the kitchen floor. But not to worry: cats are resourceful, even in moments of panic. And so Growler manages to swing back toward the counter. Once the situation is stabilized, he’s able to poke his nose into the cabinet. Nothing but glassware! No Dreamies!

We’ve posted this hilarious little video below. Crime doesn’t pay, this time.

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