Cat wins confrontation with lion, albeit on the cat’s terms

A cat’s greatest weapon? No, not the claws. The attitude! Even when cats decide to flee a confrontation, they’ve been known to arch their backs, puff out their tails, look fierce, and back away with an odd sideways walk — I’m coming at you but I’m really not! But when a cat does decide to fight, it goes all-out, becoming a furry tornado with razor-sharp claws.

The Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE), located in northeastern Texas, provides rescue housing for exotic animals. Some of them were abused or abandoned while others were retired from shows or came from other facilities that could no longer care for them. The residents include lions, tigers, leopards, bobcats, llamas, and even lemurs. CARE also assists researchers who want to learn how to improve conditions for animals who live in captivity. They also work to spread the word about animal welfare through educational outreach.

One of the smaller animals in residence at CARE is a house cat named Baggy. He’s a swell guy, but he certainly has no shortage of feline attitude. As you’ll see in the video posted below, he enjoys challenging one of the lions. Is he brave or foolish? Maybe neither: Noey the lion is safely fenced in. That sly Baggy may know that he can pretend he wants to pick a fight with the lion, safe in the knowledge that it will never actually happen!

Derek Krahn, the facility’s director was highly amused by Baggy’s impetuousness but did offer some sound advice: “You will lose!” and “There’s nothing to be gained!” But no amount of advice will stop Baggy from having his fun and making his point. Word has it that Baggy and Noey were soon back on speaking terms…

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