When A Cat Won’t Let You Work… Don’t Try Arguing With Kitty ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Win!

“Enough work!” said the cat to his daddy. Of course daddy didn’t understand his cat and so he kept on working. “Not so fast!” said again the cat to his daddy. And this time the cat stopped his owner from working! See how in this hilarious video!

Isn’t the cat amazing! He is not letting that poor guy work! The look on the man’s face is priceless. Finally he has to do as his cat says and starts to pet him. And of course, we all know that once you start petting a nice, fluffy cat, you just can’t stop!

So how does the story end? Well quite naturally, the man couldn’t stop petting his cat, he got sleepy and so did the cat, and the two decided to go snuggle in bed, and they lived happily ever after! Don’t forget to share this amusing story with your friends!