He Catches A Fox Eating His Prey. But When The Fox Does THIS The Man Behind The Camera Loses It!

This video might contain content that some viewers will find disturbing. Watch it at your own risk.

As you know, hunting is crucial part of nature. Predators capture prey and eat them to live. So nothing is that out of the ordinary when this red (silver) fox captures and kills a pigeon. But when she laughs and laughs and laughs about her catch? That’s something I’ve never seen before.

When the video begins, the fox has already captured and killed the pigeon. Her owner comes over with the camera to catch the scene on tape.

As soon as he comes closer and asks, “What is it?” the fox unleashes a creepy laugh. She has no remorse for killing the pigeon and even has a feather stuck to her nose. Instead, she seems to be relishing in the delight of the hunt and has no sensitivity to the pigeon’s loss. The owner then continues to ask if he can have it back and all the fox can do is laugh at him.

She is wagging her tail and protecting her catch. She doesn’t want the man to get any closer to that pigeon. I wouldn’t want to stick my hand between this crazy fox and her prey. It might get bitten off!

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