Cat’s Daddy Breaks His Leg. I Melted At What The Feline Did To Help Him Recover.

Animals know when their mommies or daddies are not feeling well. Sometimes they will leave them alone, but most of the time they will do their darndest to help them feel better. After all, who will play with them if they continue to be sick? So they have to help them get better! Few of them are as determined to do this as Lazarus, the cat that we see in this video. I was smitten after the first few seconds.

The video starts with his daddy coming home after breaking his leg at a skate park. Lazarus stays by his daddy’s side throughout his convalescence, often finding a nice nook between his legs on a blanket. Most of the time he sleeps, but other times he licks his daddy’s hand, watches him edit a video of him on his laptop (he bats at the image of himself), and there’s even one weird moment where he’s kind of standing at the edge of the bed looking at him.

My wife was recently sick with the flu and one of our cats just knew she was not feeling well. He stayed by her side when she was sleeping for a couple of nights. Animals know when you’re not feeling right and will often do what they can to comfort you. The same cat has jumped in my lap when I was grief-stricken a couple of times. Anyone who says cats can’t be empathetic can go kick rocks with bare feet.

Lazarus is a rescue cat – there’s a whole video about his rescue, so he definitely bonds with his daddy and the rest of the human family. He wants his daddy to get better so they can play more and what better way to help than to try to console him? Both of them seem so content just hanging out with each other. There’s a human baby that hangs out there every now and then, but Lazarus likes the bulk of attention.

Wasn’t this so cute? Lazarus is a special kind of cat. Have you had an animal join you during your recovery from something?