Bathroom Is A 5 Star Resort Hotel for This Adorable Kitty Cat… HILARIOUS!

Marmalade is one lucky cat! She’s got a bathroom all to herself, and she has turned this bathroom into a luxurious hotel. One with spas, gyms, showers, rope climbing etc. I mean, what more could a cat ask for?? Check out this hilarious video of Marmalade enjoying her time in the bathroom.

Who would have thought that Marmalade would get so much enjoyment out of a bathroom! But then again, with rope climbing, steam rooms, showers, litter boxes, and lots of space to get cardio in, how can she not like it?!

If you have a cat, then maybe you should consider upgrading your bathroom to make it the cat haven it truly can become. If you have any ideas on how to make bathrooms more cat friendly, let us know below and don’t forget to share this funny video of Marmalade with your friends.

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