Cats hilariously attempt a human-style workout

If you love felines, you will love this video! Cats working out makes it even more precious! The video starts with a cat running their front paws on the treadmill for half a workout! It looks so cute and funny! The music in the video is incredible! The cats see everyone else getting into shape and want to join in the fun! One of the cats is trying the elliptical, batting at a string hanging from the machine.

These cats are so proud of themselves after only ten minutes! The cats all determined they did well and deserved a break for another six months! You see a cat on the floor exposing their belly, relaxing! This video is so precious and relatable! The cats in the video do more in one day than many people will do in a week! They are so adorable!

These cats may not be able to perform up to a human’s standards, but they do well as cats! The cats are mean and lean, trying to bust fat and calories. So funny! The first cat is like some people at the gym who pick the easiest programs but never finish them! You will love watching these cats push themselves to the limit and “challenge” their little kitty bods!

You will crack up watching these furry felines investigate the exercise equipment like human children! They are just hysterical to watch! Watch this video at the end of a long day, and it will help you feel relaxed and happy! Watch this video to see cats being silly and having fun!

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Cats hilariously attempt a human-style workout