Cats Knocking Stuff Over Is Always Funny

We love our cats so much because they can be such sweethearts, cuddling with us when we are feeling down and playing with us to make us happy. There are many times when they are cute and cuddly, but sometimes they can be the total opposite. Yes, cats can be very mischievous and naughty sometimes. One thing mischievous cats love to do is to knock things over, and sometimes they do it right in front of us just to see how we will react. Not just things, actually. They also knock over other animals, babies, and even other cats. Are they trying to bully us? I don’t know, but it sure looks like it in this hilarious clip.

America’s Funniest Videos (AFV), in association with BuzzFeed, compiled a couple of videos of cats knocking things over. Be prepared to laugh out loud as you watch these naughty, mischievous cats knock various things over. If you need a good laugh for today, then this video is perfect for you. Check it out! From fake trees falling on people to cereal being tossed out of a cabinet, these cats sure don’t make it easy to live with them.

Those poor babies and those dogs. I sure hope they’re okay.

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