Cats Love Ledges And Awkward Places, But When Inside A Car? Things Don’t Change Much… LOL!

Being weird and one of a kind can be a difficult and strange journey. Whether your actions or behaviors seem to come from a different species, rather than the one you were born as or even having tics or speech that doesn’t quite match up with what everyone else is doing. Being unique isn’t hard to do, you just have to be yourself. Okay, maybe a little bit hard to do.

However, while there are many shining stars who seem to stand out in the crowd, when you see one hilarious cat’s behaviors and actions, I know that you will absolutely lose it. We’ve all seen animals try to imitate other animals, yet when it comes to the hard-wired behaviors or traits that help us distinguish different animals, that can lead to some tricky results. While there are many out there who were raised by different species, breeds, etc. there are also those who just behave or are trained to behave like this naturally. I know that there are always some strange ones out there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean bad.

Maybe you notice that some species get more love than others simply because of their behaviors, or even get treats that are amazing or get to sit in the front seat while driving. Some of these may be enough to influence them to pick up a few traits to even the odds. When you see which animal this cat mimics, you’ll be laughing hysterically!

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