Cat’s Raspy Voice May Sound Angry Enough For A Blues Album, But Pay Attention To What He Does!

Blues is a genre that must be experienced in a certain mood. Most people aren’t blasting Skip Jones or Muddy waters on their way to a party. If you do, then I apologize, for I am not worthy. The singers voice for blues music usually hovers in the polar extremes. The high pitch explosion of sadness, the shriek of sadness, the wailing of a lost loved one or a train and its sad song that comes to town. The other extreme of deep, dark, sultry bemoans of pain and hurt expressed through a scratchy and strained filter.

When you first hear what Bill Gates sounds like, you’ll think “NO WAY!” Yet, his unbelievable voice could really change a lot in the Blues scene. Not something you read every day, I’m sure. One father has been with Bill Gates, alongside him at every turn. There when he needed him most. You can already tell the love that flows between the two. Bill Gates seems to love his dad, otherwise he wouldn’t follow his father so readily or quickly.

The only part I didn’t get was when he was angry or loving in tone. Usually most cats have a low guttural sound when angry. Like a warning the combusts into loud shrieks. Whatever the case may be, I do know one thing for certain. I wouldn’t want to hear him angry, because boy, that would be terrifying. Imagining walking down a dark alley or ditch and hearing him approaching would certainly send me packing!

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