This Cat’s Reaction To Getting A Haircut will make you laugh out loud…

We’ve all had haircuts that we were quite happy with but this cat’s reaction to his new hairstyle can only be described as complete disdain. This Himalayan Persian cat is certainly unhappy with his groomer. It is quite obvious from his sinister scowl that this cat is not at all happy with his new haircut.

While some cats love a good pampering it would seem that this cat isn’t one of them. He looks incredibly displeased with his groomer from Cathy’s Credit Cleaners mobile grooming service. As cats and dogs are trying out new designs to make them look more wild, I think this cat just wants to look fabulous.

The cat’s reaction and his obvious displeasure at the subpar grooming he is receiving is sure to put a smile on your face. Might not enjoy his you look but I have to say I quite enjoyed watching just how angry he was during this video.

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