Cat’s reaction when Mom picks him up from the cat hotel couldn’t be cuter

Whether you’re a cat or a child, being left alone without explanation for a long time can be worrying. Where are you going? Is mommy coming back? Where did she go?

Adorable cat

Fortunately, cats are treated like kings & queens when visiting the cat hotels, but that doesn’t mean they don’t worry about their owners. That seems to be the case in this video, based on the reaction of this adorable cat!

“When you collect your cat from the cattery after 5 days of not seeing him ????” is shown captioned at the bottom of the screen, setting the scene. The camerawoman wanders through the doorway, up to a quilt-covered chair, then looks up.

Adorable cat

The woman calls out to her cat, who’s currently lying in a box placed on one of the shelves. Very quickly, we see his tiny face peek out from the middle of the “FRAGILE” box.

His eyes dart back and forth as he takes in the situation, realizing that his owner has come back! He mews hello, then stands up, stretching out fully and meowing again as he takes another glance around the room.

Adorable cat

“Is this real?” he’s probably wondering. Seemingly experiencing a mixture of disbelief and happiness, this little kitty is undoubtedly overjoyed that his mom has returned to pick him up from the cat hotel!

Although the video ends here, we’re sure his reaction after was just as adorable as this. Even though their separation was temporary, five days can feel like a long time when you’re away from someone you love! His owner will no doubt be receiving a lot of kitty cuddles tonight.


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