Cats Are Really The Best Therapy For Depressed Souls!

What’s the best part of this video? Gee, it’s hard to describe, because I love every part of it! Cat lovers, you’ve got a good thing going. Did you know that the simple action of petting one could lower your blood pressure levels significantly? That’s something I didn’t know at all. Being a dog lover, this really did open my eyes.

Every time you spend time with your cat is a time of relaxation. So when this guy, who was suffering from depression, decided to go for kitty therapy, he really got a good dose of it. Watch this video as he is surrounded by purring soft furry felines who surround him as he is seated on the couch. These pet purrfect fur balls seem to want a dose of human therapy as well!

Watch how they rub themselves on his legs, brush against his hands so that they can get a good oat on the back, while others simply content themselves with being comfortable in various areas on the sofa. They balance on the back of the sofa, on the floor nearby and even on his lap! He certainly does seem a lot happier by the end of the video.

Being surrounded by soft purring fur balls does something to you, makes you a lot calmer and content. I could do with a dose of kitty therapy myself! If only I were closer! How about you? Have you heard of ‘The Cat House on the Kings?’ Have you ever been there? Let us know if you have and share your experiences in the comments section below. We love hearing from you!

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