Cats sprint like the Tokyo-drift race cars to their food bowls

Pets getting excited at the sound and smell of food is common. However, very few of you must have seen pets racing against each other to get to their food bowl when hungry. Frankie and Theo were two cats who ran against each other whenever they heard their food bowls filled with kibbles.

According to their mom, the two cats were food obsessed. So the moment they heard kibbles dropping in their bowls, the two cats would run to eat. They would run like the Tokyo-drift race car style. Even if they were asleep, the sound of the kibbles dropping in their bowls was enough to awaken them and make them run at top speed.

Frankie would always reach the food bowl first. Even if Theo sat beside the feeder, Frankie would push him out of the way. Initially, when the owners used to place the cats’ food on plates in a separate room, the cats would scratch at the door and bolt at the owners.

Theo would often jump up on the counter, grab his food bowl, and bring it to his owners. According to the owners, Theo and Frankie were food crazy and were always eager to eat. The owners knew the cats would do anything to get their food. So they decided to have some fun with the cats and placed plastic cups in the passageway to block the cats’ path.

They started with a single row of cups and later increased the rows. Like the way the owners imagined, the obstacle course was nothing to stop the cats from reaching their food bowls. Although Frankie could jump across the obstacle, Theo had some trouble and would often push at the cups to make his way across.

The cats would always sniff and smell whatever their owners ate. They loved certain items, such as cheese. However, if they didn’t like any food, especially Frankie, he would pat at the food container in disgust.

The cats were well fed and got lots of meals each day. They also received lots and lots of treats. Frankie had a feisty and spicy personality, whereas Theo was cuddly and sweet. The two brought loads of joy to their owners’ lives.

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Cats sprint like the Tokyo-drift race cars to their food bowls