She Saw Her Cats “Talking” To Each Other. What Mom’s Camera Captured Next? ADORABLE!

Keeping a pet is a wonderful thing, and having two is even better because they can keep each other company when you’re not around. Not only do you provide an animal with shelter, but you also receive lots of love and good company in return. If you are a pet owner yourself, then you have probably had some make-believe talks with them. Imagine how it would be if your pet could actually talk!

Stina and Mossy are ten years old in this clip, and according to their owner, they are usually fighting. But on this particular day, she found them having a pretty deep conversation with one another. It was a really unusual moment since she was so used to their arguments. She thinks they might be reconciling their differences!

These two appear quite content on the bed, warm and cozy with each other. It really seems like they are having a conversation, but it also seems like they are just in a really happy place. According to the owner, they went on like this for nearly an hour. I would love to know what they are talking about!

I have actually seen this exact clip with dubbed voices of what the owner imagines they are saying. It is hilarious, but this clip is very sweet. I think it’s adorable to see these two happy cats together and really can’t imagine them fighting.

Watch this adorable video below! What do you think their chat is about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!