Caught on camera: sleeping puppy farts so powerfully he wakes himself up

Everyone loves a funny dog video. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of them and it’s not just because cell phones have made it easy for anyone to shoot a video. Dogs are natural comedians, whether or not they intend to be. Some breeds are known for being especially entertaining, Boston terriers or pugs, for example, but any breed can bring comic relief, even the fearsome pit bull.

Pit bulls have a bad reputation, although their defenders would be quick to point out that a dog is only as mean as its owner. And over the course of the breed’s history, there have been plenty of mean pit bull owners. The breed goes back to the days of blood “sports” in England where the dogs were used in bear baiting and bull baiting. In more recent times, the breed has been a staple of illegal dog fighting and a favorite guard dog for people engaged in illegal activities. In all cases, people are real problem, not the dogs. That said, pit bulls are formidable dogs and deserve plenty of respect. They’re muscular and have tremendously powerful jaws. It’s a myth that their jaws have a “locking mechanism,” but the breed does exhibit the “bite, hold, shake,” behavior and reluctance to let go that you’ll find in terriers.

And now we come to the funny video, which we’ve posted for you below. As you’ll see, an adorable pit bull puppy is enjoying a nap. There’s some leg movement, a sign that he might be dreaming, about what we can only guess. Giant bone? Juicy steak? There’s also some movement in his abdomen: moments later, a monstrous (and loud) fart comes blasting out. That alone would be pretty funny, but what’s really side-splitting is the way it jolts him awake!

Let’s hope this is one of those rare cases where the dog doesn’t resemble his owner. Then again, that might be funny. Let us know how hard you laughed at this one and don’t forget to like and share!