They Caught That Hippo Farting On Camera, And What He Did Next Is Even More Hysterical

People are usually very close minded about farting and prefer to do it in private because of the stigma attached to this natural function of the body. They treat it as a taboo subject, but animals don’t know the difference, which makes their farting antics particularly amusing. But animals already understand that it is a completely natural process and no one gets offended when it happens. For animals, it’s a “everybody’s doing it” attitude that amuses us humans immensely.  Just look at how amazingly this hippo embraces the act of farting. You are going to be in hysterics when you see this funny clip.

This ridiculous big guy is called Harry. Harry is a flamboyant hippo who is not afraid of, intimidated by, or shy about anything. When people were thronging to get a good look at him in the zoo, Harry decided to put on a show for the onlookers and just let one rip! You know such a big animal doesn’t let and “silent killers” slip out either. When he farts, everyone hears it! Many people have dubbed his fart to be close to a chainsaw or lawnmower. But the story does not end there. Wait till you see what this hippo goes on to do next!

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