Ghost Car Ad Was Never Aired Because Of This Unexplained Event Caught On Camera

Everything seemed routine — UNTIL they noticed it. The “it” was moving along side the car…

The supernatural is a rather controversial subject, but most people believe in some kind of afterlife… and so the existence of spirits or ghosts would only be natural. Makes sense when you think about it like that, doesn’t it?

Many people will even swear they have seen them personally. Others think the whole idea is silly. Scientists view the entire topic, like horoscopes and Big Foot, with great skepticism and doubt. They have to “see it to believe it”.

Well, the following footage might just convince them to open their minds. It made a believer out of me, and the story behind this film has been the subject of much debate.

In 2016, this camera crew was shooting a television commercial in the backwoods of Georgia, very close to where The Walking Dead is regularly filmed. That, in itself, is a little creepy, but I digress:

In the commercial (below) a car makes a sharp turn along a winding country road. Walking Dead fans will recognize it. It’s some really beautiful scenery. Really makes you want to get behind the wheel and take a drive. And of course, that’s the psychology behind most car commercials.

After the got done shooting the film, they brought it back to the studio where they edit it, mix it, etc. before it goes to the client for approval. When the editor was reviewing the footage, it all seemed pretty normal – just another commercial. BUT THEN HE NOTICED IT…

The “it” was moving alongside the car. At first, it looked like a bit of mist, but there was something, frankly, ghostly about it when he zoomed in closer. But that’s not the creepy part. What until you hear what happened next…

The office manager at the studio discovered a very DISTURBING fact about their chosen film location: A year before (exactly to the date), someone had been killed in an accident at the exact same spot where the “mist” starts appearing in the commercial.

The people at the studio were so freaked out, they trashed the entire footage – or so they thought….

After a lot of thought, I have posted the controversial video below. Remember to pay extremely close attention. If you turn the sound up, near the end of the video you can hear the cameraman whisper something (unintelligible) when the creepy mist appears.

Make sure you read the intro. WARNING: If you have a heart condition, watch this video at your own risk.

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