After Being Caught Right In The Crime Scene, This Toddler Blamed Batman For His Mischief!

Ah, childhood. It’s that stage of our lives in which we’re at our most innocent, pure, and imaginative state ever. If you’re close to any toddler yourself right now, you must know that they’re completely devoid of the malice that most people eventually become used to, so he makes up the cutest lie you will ever hear! His mom walked in on him and caught him red-handed, as the mirror on the closet’s door was covered in red lipstick, with drawings made on it. When mom decided to confront him about it, his response was hilarious!

She says with a very calm voice “Who drew on mommy’s mirror? Was that you?” It’s pretty obvious that it was him, but it’s important to also take things with ease and try to give him a chance to be honest, as he should. Only that instead of doing that, the boy takes a much more risqué decision: He declares that it was Batman who did it! He clearly did not want to put the blame on himself, and the first excuse that came to mind was the kid’s favorite superhero!

She surely did NOT expect that answer. Watch the clip for yourself right below, you’ll definitely love it, and your friends too!

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