Hilarious Kitty Cat “Battles” Mailman Through The Mail Slot. The Internet Smiles and Sighs.

Over the decades, one of the biggest battles waged has been on the home front. I speak of… mail carriers versus dogs. Many a suburban postal worker has returned home with a war story to tell their spouse or any other family member. “Really? You ran? From a CHIHUAHUA? Wimp.” There is a new entrant on the enemy side. This video shows how formidable, cunning and insane they can be.

I speak of cats, of course. A clip from “America’s Funniest Videos” shows a mailman walking up to the front door of a house. He sees a cat sitting by the window sill, and for a second there’s a stare-down reminiscent of every Spaghetti Western ever. Then the cat hops down and right as the mailman tries to insert a letter into the mail slot on the front of the door. Before he can, a paw lashes out. The cat won’t let him put it through the slot. He tries to distract it with a glove. No dice. Finally, he gets to put all the letters in the door and leave. He was actually laughing about it. He probably deals with this every day, so he knows what he’s getting into.

Seeing this clip reminded me of a Garfield comic strip where he looks at a piece of mail. “Do not fold, spindle or mutilate.” There was a pause and then he’s standing there holding an obliterated envelope. “They didn’t say anything about ‘maul.’” That’s probably the attitude of this cat. I wish there was a follow-up where they showed the cat’s owner getting the mail and just wailing.

Fortunately, this was a pretty mild event. Though it likely led up to some embarrassing phone calls. “Can you send another bill? I can’t read this one. Why? The cat tore it up. No. Really. Stop laughing! Hello?” The ironic thing is that this cat, who so zealously guards against mail getting through, would probably watch any burglar who breaks into the house. “Well, that’s the dog’s job. We don’t have a dog? Then that’s Mommy and Daddy’s problem…”

Fortunately, my cat is too lazy to even think about doing something like this. Did you like the video? Leave a comment below!

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