Céline Dion and Elvis Presley sing a lovely duet — yes, you read that right

Did you ever wonder what a Céline Dion – Elvis Presley duet would sound like? Wonder no more! What the course of musical history denied us, modern technology has made possible. On “American Idol,” Dion joined Elvis in his performance of “If I Can Dream” from 1968 — the year she was born!

Here’s how this impossible duet was created. Before the show, Dion spent some time on stage by herself with no audience present. She sang the song a number of times, making sure to look to her side on cue. Next, she performed the song with an Elvis lookalike at her side who lip-synched the King’s words and carefully copied his movements from the 1968 film. Finally, it was all put together using fancy editing and “rotoscoping” that plucked Elvis from the original footage. This is quite similar to the gee-whiz technology that made it possible for Natalie Cole to sing “Unforgettable” with her late father and gave Forrest Gump a chance to speak with Richard Nixon.

Céline Dion is one of the great divas of pop music and a brilliant performer, whether solo or as part of a duet. Her career began in her native Québec when she was only a teenager. Once she began releasing English-language albums in the 1990s, she quickly become a worldwide sensation. She’s had numerous number one hits and has sold an incredible 200 million records. While she was at it, she picked up five Grammy awards. Buffalo, New York radio Host Jim Santella said it well: “Like an iron fist in a velvet glove, the power of Celine Dion’s voice is cloaked in a silky vibrato that betrays the intensity of her vocal commitment.”

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