Celtic Thunder Is By Far The Most Soothing Music On Earth

Celtic Thunder Performs "Hallelujah"“Hallelujah.” What an inspiring song! One of the most popular versions is sung by the Celtic Thunder based on Leonard Cohen’s interpretation.

Celtic Thunder’s Irish roots shine brightly in this haunting, melodic version of one of the most beloved songs of all time. 

Celtic Thunder Performs Powerful "Hallelujah"The voices of Neil Byrne, Ryan Kelly and Keith Harkin blend in perfect harmony, yet each vocalist clearly shines throughout their solos.

In the background, the magnificent orchestra extends the mood of reverence throughout the entire performance. These men harmonize so well together that they sound like they are all family. THIS is the kind of music we all need.

The Hebrew meaning of Hallelujah is “Glory to God.” The Canadian songwriter and renowned poet, Leonard Cohen wrote the lyrics in such a manner that they can be interpreted in many different ways.

Celtic Thunder’s rendition is so beautifully and sensitively performed, and with a resounding message. While there are many biblical references, the song lyrics beg everyone to make the meaning personal to themselves.

Indeed, the melody is hypnotizing. Watch members of the audience in this video sway to the music. You too will be mesmerized. Beautiful harmonizing from Celtic Thunder!!! 🎄

I fell in love with the group about 8 years ago when I saw them on PBS. I try to listen each time they are on. I’m  Irish. I love good music, it keeps you young at heart. I never get tired of listening to Celtic Thunder. The voices are amazing.

If you felt the power of Celtic Thunder and their powerful ‘Hallelujah’, share their video because this is one not to be missed.

Celtic Thunder Is By Far The Most Soothing Music On Earth