Celtic Thunder performs ‘Red Rose Café’ in spectacular live performance

Celtic Thunder

This powerful video clip features the amazing group known as ‘Celtic Thunder.’ Their performance in Kansas City features their incredible singer, George Donaldson, delivering the tune, ‘Red Rose Café.’

George Donaldson

Celtic Thunder is known for its epic renditions of popular songs. The group consists of a rock band joined with orchestral instruments. Almost every instrument is represented in the group, from guitars to violins.

George Donaldson appears on the top of the stage, high above the audience, dressed in a gray vest and pants with no tie. His clean-shaved head makes it easy to spot him as he descends the staircase while singing the 2nd verse.

The sensational music group is famous for its spectacular live performances. Celtic Thunder has released twelve albums, and they’ve also created ten live performances for DVD.

Their stage show is very theatrical, and they use dramatic set pieces that celebrate Celtic mythology. Their set looks like a castle has been built on stage with a majestic tall ship silhouette on the back screen.

George Donaldson

The song ‘Red Rose Café’ tells a story reminiscent of Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man.’ George sings about the type of people that come to the café while inviting everyone to come along!

The tune builds as four male singers join George on the final chorus. The audience is swaying along to the lilting Irish beat. Celtic Thunder is an international phenomenon, and even in Kansas City, the fans love their traditional Celtic songs!

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Celtic Thunder performs \'Red Rose Café\' in spectacular live performance