Celtic Thunder puts an amazing Irish spin on 80s classic

This powerful video clip features the amazing group known as ‘Celtic Thunder.’ They are joined on stage by lead singer Keith Harkin in a performance from Dublin of the Foreigner classic, ‘I Want to Know What Love is.’

Celtic Thunder is known for its epic renditions of popular songs. The group consists of a rock band joined with a full orchestra. Almost every instrument is represented in the group.

Keith Harkin appears on the top of the stage, high above the orchestra, dressed in a suit with no tie. His blonde hair makes it easy to spot him as he descends the staircase singing the first verse.

The sensational music group was formed in 2007, and this video shows them at their earliest stage. Since then, Celtic Thunder has released twelve albums. They’ve also created ten live performances for DVD.

Their stage show is very theatrical, and they use dramatic set pieces that celebrate Celtic mythology. Every performance aspect is choreographed and planned, similar to musical theater.

Keith Harkin was a part of Celtic Thunder for many years before going solo. He has written many of the group’s songs and performed with them countless times for their productions.

The combination of the stage show, great singing, and beautiful orchestration make Celtic Thunder an excellent concert experience. This video shows us a glimpse of the earliest productions of the band performing a Foreigner hit.

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Celtic Thunder puts an amazing Irish spin on 80s classic