Celtic Woman Group Performs Spine-Chilling Rendition of “Amazing Grace”

There are a handful of songs that everyone knows by heart. “Amazing Grace” has been a popular tune that is performed in churches, during weddings, funerals, and Easter celebrations. When a group of women covers the song, you’ll be left speechless.

Even though a myriad of artists has covered “Amazing Grace” over the years, the version by Alan Jackson is the most well-known. Powerful singing group Celtic Woman puts their unique twist on the song, giving it a fresh sound.

The women that are part of Celtic Woman all bring something different to the table. Their voices mesh well together, and the harmonies are seamless. They create a warm tone with their singing, and it brings “Amazing Grace” to another level.

This classic hymn is all about becoming a better human being. It focuses on loving one another and giving each other grace despite our differences. Celtic Woman shows just that and more with their phenomenal rendition of the song.