Chained dogs run free for the first time – their reaction is incredible

Animal cruelty is still rife around the world and we must always be doing our part to be vigilant and report anyone who might be guilty of such heinous acts so that they might be prosecuted to the full letter of the law. Thankfully, there are many organisations and charities helping the cause and fighting for animal rights.

Dogs Deserve Better is one such group, championing abandoned and abused dogs, rescuing mistreated animals and trying to find them loving, forever homes. A non-profit organisation, they regularly receive call-outs from concerned and kind-hearted citizens when they believe a dog to be in distress. So, when a family reported seeing several dogs chained up in a yard, the rescue team from Dogs Deserve Better leapt into action.

They discovered dogs sleeping in mud, chained up with no access to clean drinking water. It was New Year’s Eve, and they made sure that these dogs were going to get a fresh start, rescuing the mom, the dad and three puppies. According to reports, another puppy had been rescued from the yard a few weeks previously – but this time they ensured that nobody was getting left behind!

With the pups safely in care and luckily showing no real signs of poor health, Dogs Deserve Better decided to treat the mom and dad to an experience they’ve never had. The rescue team took the previously imprisoned animals to a local dog park and let them run around until their hearts were content! And it makes for some heart-warming viewing!

At first, the poor pups have been so restricted in their lives that they’re a little tentative in venturing out onto the soft grass, but the moment they realise they’re not chained anymore is magical. Then they do what any other healthy and free dog would do in this situation – they let fly! To see them bound across the grass and hurl themselves with some pace and much joy around the dog park is a wonderful moment. The animals finally look so happy, and they explore further than they’ve ever gone before.

Watch their delight in this wonderful video below and give some support to the awesome people at Dogs Deserve Better. Dogs DO deserve better – and the humans who abuse them deserve so much worse! We hope that the authorities continue to punish everyone who still mistreats any animal by locking them up and throwing away the key!