Dolly’s Parton’s “Jolene” (with a twist) gets the Golden Buzzer

Country music trio Chapel Hart

Country music trio Chapel Hart recently auditioned for America’s Got Talent and won everyone’s heart with their energy-filled performance. The group consisted of Danica Hart, Devynn Hart, and Trea Swindle.

Country music trio Chapel Hart

The singing trio impressed the audience and the 4 judges, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell, with their original song. The song was inspired by the Dolly Parton classic “Jolene.”

Danica spoke about their song and said, “So, we’re going to sing an original song called ‘You Can Have Him, Jolene.’ We’ve always been country music fans, and Dolly [Parton] is our favorite.” She added, “We were inspired by the song ‘Jolene,’ and we just love the storyline and figured that from 1973 till date, we cannot still be fighting over the same man. So, we decided to tell her you can just have him, Jolene.”

Country music trio Chapel Hart

When Simon asked them how they chose the group’s name, Trea joked and stated, “We grew up in a small community called Hart’s Chapel. It is named after our family because there’s way too many of us.” When asked how they knew each other, Devynn explained, “So Danica and I are sisters, and Trea is our first cousin.”

The next question Simon asked was to let him know where they find themselves in the next five years if they go well on America’s Got Talent. To which Trea stated with confidence, “World domination.” She further added that Danica was the “biggest diva” was the “most dramatic” person in the group.

The music trio gave Dolly Parton’s 1973 classic song, “Jolene,” a modern spin. Chapel Hart impressed everyone with their stunning performance. The audience was super excited and couldn’t get enough of the country trio.

After their performance, Cowell told the country music trio that he had already used his golden buzzer. However, he admitted that they would have got the golden buzzer if he hadn’t yet used it. Later all 4 judges, along with the host Terry Crews, slammed the Golden Buzzer, collectively sending the group to the live shows.

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