Charismatic Spanish Teen Wins Over Judges With Wild Dance Routine

He has to be one of the most multi-talented dancers we’ve ever seen – Arturo Fajardo is truly in a class of his own. The fourteen-year-old professional dancer takes on three distinct disciplines, flamenco, hip hop, and ballet, blowing away the audience with electrifying moves and well-practiced choreography. His mastery of all three arts translates to an unmissable performance.

With infectious energy and pure beauty in every move, Arturo is a dancer whose big dreams and perseverance paid off. The young man has been studying at the Conservatory of Dance in Novelda since the age of ten, and it’s sure paid off. Even though his focus is clearly on Spanish dance, the whole act encompasses flowing expression that showcases his versatility.

This season eight performance from Arturo Fajardo shows you why shows like Spain’s Got Talent are so vital to discovering new artists. The young Spaniard has the composure of a seasoned professional, with transition and creative interpretation that leave the judges astounded. The way that he switches between three different dance styles while keeping his progression smooth is something to be seen.