Charitable People From Prank It FWD Organize A Special Spa Day For Homeless Citizens

The most unfair thing about homeless people is that they are always treated like invisible ones. We usually walk by a man or woman with a cardboard sign on the street and do nothing, thinking that they are either drug addicts or criminals. However, there are a lot of homeless in the United States who are veterans, single mothers who have lost their jobs, or simply people who have fallen onto a string of bad luck. Perhaps, our aversion to them is determined by a sign of the times, but maybe we just need to start seeing the homeless differently.

Fortunately, there are a lot of kind people in the organization Prank It FWD who are ready to help. They invited a group of homeless people to Ascencia Homeless Shelter in Glendale, CA, for an amazing spa day. The men and women were given new clothes, delicious meal, massage and had their hair done! For one day, the invisible felt like they were finally being seen.

At the very end there were one veteran’s kind words that summed up the homeless’ heartbreaking truth. “Somebody cares. I’m a Vietnam vet, honorable discharge, and uh,” he says breaking down. “I’m not used to any affection.” It is unbelievable that someone who served his country could be left out in the cold, unfortunately, such things happen very often.

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