Charley must Accompany His Dad All the Time! The Touching Bond of Baby and Dad! Squeezably Cute!

Animals follow people around all the time. There have been times when cats have followed me home – there was one that I practically had to sprint from to the door because she would have followed me inside and made herself RIGHT at home. But what would you do if it was a duckling that was following you? Never happen to you, right? This video shows a man with a little fuzzy stalker—friend named Charley

The guy took this video to show how devoted Charley is. He walks and the duckling follows him like a little yellow tennis ball with feet. He runs, Charley pauses for a second and then desperately runs behind him. This little fella has NO IDEA about personal safety. I counted at least three times in the video that he ran dangerously close to this guy’s heel. One wrong step and… let’s just say feathers go flying, and that’s all folks. But it’s so cute hearing him making these little ‘cheep cheep” noises as he trails him.

It’s hard to not feel for Charley. All he wants to do is be friends with this guy… but he can’t let him out of his sight. I hope the man manages to get some distance from him if he gets in a car, otherwise the scene might be something like Robert Patrick’s T-2000 chasing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-1000 in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.” Minus the ability to morph itself into a relentless killing machine, of course.

This guy seems to live in a suburb. It’s a little easier for something like this to happen, than say… a duckling following him in Times Square during the Christmas Holiday. Poor thing wouldn’t last three steps in that situation. But hopefully he appreciates what nature is offering him. Apparently, he does, since he never runs too far away from Charley. Let’s hope they have a long, fruitful friendship.

I was smitten with Charley. I loved the close-ups of him. How about you? Did you like him? Be sure to leave a comment!

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