This Charming Gorilla Is Captivated By The Tiny Visitor Who Drops By His Enclosure

Of all the animals in the primate family, Gorillas are the largest, and the strongest, as well as some of the most intelligent. What makes them stand apart most, it seems, is their ability to be gentle when faced with animals much smaller than themselves.

Reddit user iw3z recently posted a touching photograph of a scene between a gorilla in captivity and his little green visitor.

“I was at the zoo watching the gorilla exhibit, and that little lizard came up and just froze when the gorilla started playing with it,” iw3z wrote in a post. “He picked it up by the tail a few times, poked at it, but never killed it.”

This kind of behavior is not at all uncommon in gorillas. Their oftentimes sweet and curious natures lead them to interact kindly with other species, instead of acting out of aggression.

The video below shows another remarkable encounter between a gorilla and one helpless, tiny creature. A caterpillar dropped into the gorilla’s cage. Instead of brushing it away, as indeed most of us might have done, the gorilla carefully makes sure the caterpillar can go free.

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