This Chatty Cathy Talking Doll Commercial Is So Sweet, It Will Put A Smile On Your Face!

This is a vintage commercial of a play doll that hit all the right notes taught in advertising schools. It was a raving success. Everybody loved it.

Thanks to this ad, most people found the Chatty Cathy dolls so cute and convincing that if they had a young daughter, they would do anything to get her one. If they didn’t have a daughter, they either swore that when they had a daughter they’d get her one, or if they were past reproduction age, they wished that they had had a chance to get one when they were younger.

That’s how profound this ad was. A very small number of people found the ad creepy, but even they loved the ad for it was able to stir their emotion. That’s the definition of an effective ad!

It’s very easy to work. You pull the chatty ring and you never know what you’re gonna get: “Let’s have a party!” – Cool! “Please carry me.” – Okay; “Please change my dress.” – Alright, time to go get a few more changes of dress. “I love you.” – Aww. “Tell me a story.” – Sure, I’ll read you Fifty Shades of Grey. “Give me a kiss.” – Oh, for real?

Play this clip and see for yourself. Isn’t it good stuff? They were manufactured by Mattel in Canada and right here in the USA. Chatty Cathy was Mattel’s second best-selling doll behind… Barbie, what else? The doll was discontinued in 1965 but like all classics, it is still relevant today. There are plenty of Chatty Cathy listings on eBay selling at higher than original prices! They are so popular that Chatty Cathy has even become an entry in the Urban Dictionary.

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