This Chatty Husky Just Wants Down! When Mom Hears His Cries For Ground, You Won’t Believe You’re Eyes!

I thought I had seen and heard it all with these videos. Gorillas learning sign language. Cats playing keyboards. Dogs singing on Belgian talent shows. I had never seen a dog like this in this video here. It’s just amazing and I really can’t blame the reaction of the person who is holding him. I would be doing the same, though I would probably spend a lot of time looking on in wonderment.

The video starts with a woman holding this Siberian Husky puppy and he wants to be put down. He doesn’t just squirm and indicate that he doesn’t want to be held anymore. No that would be too easy. Instead, he starts making this weird high-pitched sounds… but it’s not like he’s in distress. It’s just a weird way that he’s talking. The woman can’t put him down now because she’s laughing too hard at what he’s doing.

It’s hysterical hearing the dog make this sound. I can’t even describe what it is. It’s almost like it inhaled helium I watched the video three times and I keep cracking up each time. He seems to be saying something along the lines of “Put me down” but it’s just so incongruent to hear this coming from this dog. Maybe a Chihuahua… but not a husky. Whatever, though… it is what it is. Even their other dog, a pit bull, is looking on like, “What. Is. This?”

This dog should be appearing on some shows if he keeps it up like this. Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel would probably love to have him on their shows… especially if it’s during a big lull in movie releases. There’s another video in the series. Who knows, he might get his own movie franchise. Look, we’re talking Hollywood, which greenlit several “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” movies. So don’t tell me that’s out of reach…

I was smitten with this dog. What did you think? Leave a comment below!

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