Check Out This Amazing Birthday Party For Marnie The Parrot! You’ll Crack A Smile!

Birds are some of the most underrated pets, especially on the internet. There is a plethora of cat or dog videos, showing them being adorable interacting with their owners, by comparison Bird videos are far more scarce. However! We have just the clip to settle the score for your inner bird lover!

The video below features the very special birthday celebration of Marnie, the Blue Indian Rigneck Parrot. He is sharing delicious food with all his adorable friends and his mom! The most adorable part is when he opens his gifts, because what would be a birthday without presents?

Marnie got a liking for stuffed animals since he was a baby, he was adopted right around Easter and got a bunny toy that said “I love you!” after being squeezed! If you listen and watch closely you’ll hear him say “I love you!” and promptly drop a kiss on his brand new plushie! It is devastatingly adorable to see just how bonded and happy this little bird is with his celebration, while watching the video you can feel as a joyful participant of the reunion!

The waffles, birthday candles, and gifts, all turned into a beautiful memory that now recorded can be revisited forever!

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