Check Out This Amusing Conversation Between A Clever Parrot And His Human Friend

Parrots are famously brainy birds and the greatest intellect among parrots is the African Gray. One outstanding individual, named Alex, was the subject of a 30-year long scientific study. Alex’s brain power appeared to be on par with a dolphin or ape! The African gray is a particularly popular pet parrot because of its uncanny ability to mimic human speech.

Keeping a parrot as a pet is a major commitment. For one thing, they live a long time. An African gray, for instance, can be expected to live 40 to 60 years. They require spacious cages, jungle gyms so they can get plenty of exercises, and an appropriate diet rich in fruit, seeds, and nuts. But above all, they demand attention. Parrots are very quick to get lonely and bored. They also require a lot of training and socialization, preferably from an early age. Their intelligence is often a source of delight but it also means they can misbehave in very creative ways. But for people who are up to the task, parrots can be incredibly rewarding pets. They can be very affectionate and love interacting with their humans. They form a very strong bond with their favorite people.

In the video we’ve posted below, you’ll see an African gray in action. Appropriately enough, this brainy bird is named Einstein. He and his human have an amusing conversation about money and taking a shower. Einstein even has the temerity to tell his owner to be quiet! Like we said, these are indeed high-maintenance pets but they can certainly be entertaining

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