Check out the cool dance moves of Winnie the cute kitten once his favorite song starts!

I think dogs act differently when they know a camera is recording them. I know it might seem impossible to get your head around this, but I swear, once you pet learns what a camera does, he’s a completely different cat or dog. I did this with the second dog that I had, a Terrier. We had just gotten a camera and were very thrilled with all the possibilities having one offered.

In my case, I would spend many hours recording pretty much anything I could. The sunset, sunrise, plants, and animals I had near me. I also recorded a lot of material of my dog just being a dog. I recorded the first time it snowed after getting the camera and the first time we got to go camping. One of the things that surprised me the most is how marveled my dog had become at seeing himself on camera.

Initially, I thought my dog would believe it was just another dog when he saw himself on tape. The very first time this happened, it had just snowed. I had gone with my brothers outside to make a snowman and record our dog doing silly stuff. We went back inside, so we could see how the recording looked. Our dog was with us, so he wanted to be part of this as well.

The minute my dog saw himself on tape he got startled. I think he thought it was another dog. Then, I saw how his expression changed when he saw the rest of us on tape. He would look at the recording and then, he would look at us. It was as if he was comparing the two to see if it was the same thing. After a few minutes, he got excited every time he got to see himself.

It was a lot of fun to record all that stuff and we found that our dog acted the funniest when he didn’t know there was a camera present. So, what we did was record him when wasn’t aware of it. Like one time we went out to get groceries and he got the whole house for himself. When we came back, we saw he had done the funniest things in our absence.

Probably like the guy who posted the following video. He has a very cute kitten and he was told the kitten would go wild every time his favorite song was playing. So, wanting to confirm if this was true, he set up a hidden camera. Then, he just waited for the song to play and recorded the most epic dance moves done by a kitten. You have got to see this!