Check out what this garbage man does when he thinks he’s not being recorded!

The garbage man and the postman must have some of the most difficult jobs there are. I am not kidding. Imagine you are the postman for example. You are doing your daily delivery and then, out of nowhere, a dog comes charging at you. Whenever this happens, and the owner is confronted, they usually say the same thing: “Oh, my dog doesn’t bite.” Right. He doesn’t bite you, but how about the rest of us?

Maybe it’s me but some owners are just irresponsible. They’d rather pass on this responsibility to someone else instead of taking care of it themselves. No, when it comes to stray dogs, the situation gets even worse. The garbage man needs to approach the homes to take all the trash and dispose of it, and this is where most problems arise.

Some of them are charged by dogs, usually more than one at once. They need to protect themselves but also need to do their job. This is when I think things get a little more unfair to them. If they are trying to defend themselves, all it takes is a neighbor with a camera to portray them as the bad guys. Suddenly, they are the ones attacking the dog.

And to top it off, some of the breeds of stray dogs are a little scary. And I say this being a dog-lover myself. Remember that some owners throw their adult dogs to the street where they mate with other dogs who were already there and produce more dogs. I have seen some stray Rottweilers and German Shepherds that look huge.

I’ve seen some videos that have gotten these men in trouble. One day, I saw a video of a postman who was delivering a package. The instructions he was given, were that he needed to leave the package on the front porch. He was then to leave a receipt with it before heading off. The minute the man had left the package, he was surrounded by three dogs inside the property. He ran as fast as he could and hit one of the dogs because the dog was biting his leg. A neighbor captured everything and called the cops on him.

The owner in the following video had heard some similar stories, so he decided to set up a hidden camera for when the garbage man showed up. He would know once and for all if there was any abuse going on. What he captured left him breathless!