Check out these 24/7 Christmas instrumentals to help with stress, sleep and anxiety

When you want to relax, instrumental music works great for background ambiance. This 24/7 Christmas loop is a great mix for a mellow holiday.

With the holidays in full swing, everyone is playing their favorite Christmas tracks. Some are old, and others are finding new fans. In the middle of it all are instrumentals, the unsung heroes of the Christmas mood.

There are several 24/7 music channels, but only a few that cater to an audience that prefers instrumentals. Now, imagine that concept, but with Christmas music.

Jason Stephenson is known for promoting antianxiety methods through music and sounds. He has also had great success in creating music channels that help individuals fall asleep. With hard work, his Christmas channel has become an all-in-one destination for anyone that loves the holidays.

Songs come with a range of tempos to stimulate the mind, body, and soul. You don’t need to meditate to enjoy this wonderful loop of holiday classics.

That mellow mood of Christmas can sometimes go missing after a stressful day. Listening to Jason’s Christmas channel is a great way to remain focused and positive. Listen to it in the morning to perk up, and then at bedtime to fall asleep.

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