Check out this best man’s fail at church that has the Internet in stitches!

Wedding ceremonies are the places where everything is supposed to go perfect, and why wouldn’t it? Everything is carefully planned months in advance, every little detail has been thought of, so it comes out perfect. Some couples even hire a wedding planner, a person whose only job is to make sure that everything in the wedding goes according to plan.

But, what things can cause a wedding ceremony to derail? Well, it can be many things. The first thing we have to consider is the human-error factor. I don’t care how well you plan things and how many people you hire, it takes a massive human effort for something like a wedding to actually come out perfect. A series of things could go wrong.

Take the flowers for example. Flowers are one of the easiest parts of the wedding to get wrong. Why? Because flowers are very fragile. Remember that flowers have a very short shelf-life, so there’s an extensive list of things that can make them lose their freshness and end up looking … well, not so fresh. One of them is the weather. Extreme dryness can kill a flower’s appeal easily, and even if you refrigerate them, the temperature can still make them not suitable for a wedding.

The cake is another example. Besides the fact that a cake needs to be kept under certain conditions, there can always be a last-minute accident that can ruin everything (or at least, part of it). Another aspect to consider is the venue. Many couples dream of having a beach wedding. Imagine, it’s the perfect setting for a perfect event. But it doesn’t matter if you’ve checked a dozen weather forecasts, the weather can always change.

Once you have everything nailed down and have made sure you have a “Plan B” for almost any situation, then you can say you can relax and enjoy the wedding, right? Well, weddings are the events where emotions run high. Everything is emotion-packed. From the moment the music for “Here comes the bride” plays, until the bride and groom are facing each other, there’s usually not many dry eyes left.

The bride and groom are ready and set to exchange vows at the altar, everything is perfect… At least that’s what this couple thought. Bride and groom are looking into each other’s eyes and then something unexpected happens. The soon-to-be-married-couple don’t know yet, but the ‘Best Man’ is going to have an unfortunate accident. No one at church can contain their laughter, the bride and groom look at the Best Man when THIS happens!